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Let's Study Revelation!
That is a line I have often heard in a group setting as to what our study topic should be. Many times I have steered people away from this - sometimes because of my own fear but also because of how difficult Revelation is. To be fair there are so many opinions/interpretations out there it is hard to know where to begin studying this mysterious and yet so encouraging book of the Bible.
Well I found a link today that won't satisfy the desire to know every detail of Revelation but it will help get you started interpreting with a solidly grounded hermeneutic.

The Returning King by Vern Poythress


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  1. You could highlight the book title "The Returning King" and then click the web link button on the little toolbar for blogger. Then you would type in the url (or copy it). Then all people would have to do is click it and it would take them there.

    That's the theory at least.

    Thanks for the encouragement. God is at work. We had a sweet sunday with an unchurched person there and so it gave me even more motivation to clearly present the punch line "The law perfected nothing"!!!

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