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The Gracefinder Ministry seeks to come alongside people during university and beyond to navigate successes, storms and lulls in life.  Our aim is to give people hope beyond themselves to a grace (Jesus) that goes with us all the way to the end. This translates into studies, reflections, meditations, teachings, and seminars. We try to fit people with a resource to help them with whichever need they are experiencing, whether it is a book, sermon, or a hug and listening ear.

We love the university campus because We get to journey with leaders in the process of becoming such amazing people. We have the privilege of being a voice to alumni as they have children and enter new seasons with more questions and accumulation of struggles and disillusionments with their ideals and expectations (often idols of perfectionism and sin management). We try to put the cookies of grace on the trail so people can be encouraged on the path to a new heaven and a new earth;  to a world where “all the stolen voices will someday be returned” [“The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)”; U2]

We wish to give people the breathing room to struggle and be in pain, not to apply band-aid answers but true friendship that stays and listens. Our goal is to point to a God who, because of Christ, isn’t angry with them.  We seek to go beyond the standard professional solutions that focus on things like “5 Tips for Living a Meaningful Life”  We are seeking to be faithful in the ordinary walk of faith to develop leaders on campus,to educate and dialogue with the church through seminars, and build a team to resource the city as we work at our day-to-day living in business, schools, home etc. We want to be living all areas of life under grace.

What We Offer:


    I work under the umbrella of GraceFinder Resourcing Network, a registered charity, to provide me with the opportunity to develop a wide denominational support base. I am accountable as a minister to my denomination (Presbyterian-Reformed). Both the charity and my ministerial status allow me to be a chaplain on campus with connection to the Dean of Students at the University of Alberta. and we are in a partnership Memorandum of Understanding as Chaplains to the University of Alberta.


    We offer a wide variety of seminars through Gracefinder. Here are some examples: Ordinary Evangelism, Seeing Through Tears, Faith, Relationships and Sexuality, Worship Matters. If you wish to have a seminar on a particular topic, we are happy to discuss the possibility and work to meet your needs.

GRN Conference

We are planning a Pastor's conference where we will seek to address issues that are difficult for students and the church. Watch this site for details.

Book Discussions

Through Facebook we are experimenting with setting up conversations around different books. This is still a work in progress, but we choose a book and then share our insights, challenges, and questions.


We do consultation and research on matters that affect the university, church, and wider Christian faith.