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Every so often I receive quotes from a ministry called Graced Again by Tom Wood. They are such an encouragement to me you will often find them on this blog or on the website - www.bryanclarke.com. I hope this one helps you to see that those people we call "pastors" and who lead us, need our prayers- desperately. We expect so much from them and they are not gurus but simply people who need Jesus daily as we all do. Maybe today is a good day to pray for someone you know...

"It is an odd business: the more I live, the more I fail. The more I fail, fall forward, and am caught by the arms of grace, the more I reveal the message of the gospel. The more I pretend to have arrived and offer others advice on how they can do the same, the more I become like the prodigal's older brother, self righteous and angry. The ironic truth that those who proclaim the gospel need it more than those who hear it is not new. It just isn't being said loudly and clearly enough in this day of spin and professionalism and big programs." Dan Allender, Leading with a Limp

You can find the book it came from below:


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