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Why Blog?

I haven't been the most consistent blogger - I think my pragmatism has kicked in. I look down all of the posts and see very few responses and I wonder if the blog is being read at all. Then I repent for being so self centered and think again about why should I blog. I then remember that maybe one of the reasons is to get me out of myself in the first place and put all the swirling thoughts in my head down somewhere that shows whether the thought is crazy, interesting, or lunatic fringe. Like the thought in a Berkeley-ian way - if no one perceives this blog is it really here...

Then I remember... I want to be a GraceFinder, someone who will report on quotes, or life happenings that point to the wonder of God's amazing grace seen in Jesus Christ... Thus the quest to find these juicy nuggets begins again whether they are read, perceived, real or not...

PS - if you read this blog.... welcome back!


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