Fall E-News 2021

Hope you are all finding grace during these difficult times…

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Here is our E-News for Fall 2021.


To finding grace in all of life…



Pray For Wisdom for GraceFinder

GraceFinder Continues to Seek to Develop Young Leaders Who Are Found in Grace and Finding Grace for Life...

With this article below in mind, please pray for wisdom as we navigate these uncertain times. We continue to develop young leaders using Zoom in book clubs, providing resources, one one one, and whatever means necessary while we encourage them to find grace in a church community of faith to journey for life. With many people facing layoffs and financial difficulty we have been reticent to ask for support but if you find that you have the means this is a very opportune time. With open hands, we look to the grace of the servant King of our world...Jesus. http://gracefinder.org/support-new/


We would love to hear from you on Messenger, text at 5877854344, or email at bclarkegracefinder@gmail.com

In Him,


Resource on Fear and Anxiety For Such A Time As This...

Fear and Anxiety...such a challenge especially during a time like this...

A pastor friend John Ferguson, sent me this link on various books and articles to read on anxiety, trust, and fear. I'm going through some of the readings myself and hope they encourage us all. https://cdn.shopify.com/…/Read_Slow_Collection_adobe_acroba…


What Does Jesus See?

Reflection: Seeing What Jesus Sees https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYeqbfxS7w

Encouragement for such a time as this...


Reflection: The God Who Never Leaves

Friends of Gracefinder,

A reflection I shared with a church to encourage during these challenging times.

Stay posted for more to come.

In peace,




Challenging Subject of Spiritual Beings In the Bible

Spiritual Beings: Check out the interesting new videos by the Bible Project on Spiritual Beings: https://thebibleproject.com/all-videos/spiritual-beings/ 

Here is the first video:

Words of Advent - Day 24

Reflection 24 https://youtu.be/WFLu8A9wK_k?t=2

Words of Advent - Day 23

Reflection 23 https://youtu.be/ZfN6O73cER0?t=6

Words of Advent - Day 22

Reflection 22 Dwelt Among Us https://youtu.be/TTMUPU95aDo?t=3

Words of Advent - Day 21

Reflection 21 - Hope https://youtu.be/6eeL5-elnwU?t=2