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Warrior- Meldrum

By Bryan Clarke

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a problem across our society today. It is one thing to be shocked as you look at the CSA prevalence data, but it is another thing to shed light on the lived experience of CSA survivors. Warrior is Glori Meldrum’s memoir—in this book she details her harrowing, yet remarkable story of being a CSA survivor herself in the raw up and down moments of her life post-trauma. We ultimately learn of Meldrum’s story of grit and resilience as she never gave up and ended up establishing a world-class, evidence-based facility for CSA survivors in Western Canada.

The reality of sin and evil is undeniable when you look at the effects of CSA. This problem will not go away easily, but there is hope for recovery and prevention—there are also people who truly care that are leading work and development in this key health area. Meldrum’s lived experience shows us that in order to live, you have to fight. The New Testament shows us a similar fighting spirit, as it calls for perseverance in faith in light of the hope of Christ’s resurrection and eventual return.



Written by: Jonathan Jin

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