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Garden Campus

By Bryan Clarke

How to see the university can be a challenge for those who are trying to understand campus life and for those who are new to university. For some inadvertantly the university becomes a commodified space offering a product they need, for others a degree granting nemesis to be conquered. There are a muliplicity of ways to see our school system exemplified with spaces of higher learning. Consider one perspective that shifts one's view of the campus as a foe - the garden. If the campus is a garden community rather than a place of acquisition how does that change our relationship with the campus? I would suggest this viewpoint changes several aspects of our relationship to the campus. First, the visual image alone is worth the shift in attention - from one that could be market driven, an economic stockpiling of knowledge to a diversity of cultivation, fragrance, and beauty that enhances more than one's portfolio. Imagine how thinking of the campus as a garden would change the way one sees the university? In future posts I will look at other aspects of how one could approach the university campus.

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