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By Bryan Clarke

What We Shouldn't Say - I am going to church

I know, I know, everyone says that and we all know what we mean right? Have you ever talked to children about this common phrase? Do it sometime and you will see that yes they do get it... sometimes, but often they will relate that phrase to a building. Try it with adults too, a mixed set of opinions. I understand that some know that this is a short way of saying "I am going to meet with the church or congregation". The challenge is, what are people forming in their minds as to their view of the church? Are they getting the idea that it is the gathered people of God throughout time and place? Are we getting too focused on buildings so that we see them as a focal point of what we are doing as people of faith? Is it constraining us in some ways? How does this thinking affect our daily lives? Does it bring us to think in false dichotomies? Some questions to think about - I know this is merely a beginning point, needing a much deeper elaboration.
Maybe try this next time it comes to your lips - I am going to worship...
Lets think about that and start a conversation.

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