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A Legacy

The first wedding I conducted as a young pastor was with Gerry and Cathy. My friend Tim calls as sick as a dog and asks me to fill in for him. Little did I know what I was getting into as I approached the house to meet them and discuss the wedding. As many could attest it was a serious and yet joyful time.
The shock came recently when I read the email that said Gerry had gone home to be with the Lord while driving his Harley in Montana. As I flew back from vacation near Kamloops I had time to reflect on what a privilege it was to have known a man so full of life. He truly seized each day as a gift from God and lived enough for several lives. I have never laughed and cried at a funeral like at this one. Pastor Tim Callaway and Dayle Medgett were amazing in their conducting of the service to do it in a way that truly reflected Gerry's life.

A guestbook is here for anyone who wants to share condolences. Grace found Gerry... and now he has seen Him face to face.

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