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Jesus shines the light of the gospel on us both to expose our brokenness and to bring us to brokenness. I guess we should call this gospel brokenness, because only the gospel of God’s grace can enable us to be completely honest about our stuff without falling into toxic shame or self-contempt. And only the Gospel can humble us, soften us, and give us the power to repent—or at least, not run away or rant. When followers of Jesus walk openly in this kind of brokenness—gospel brokenness—angels in heaven rejoice, and people without faith, or those with much cynicism about Christians, are likely to reconsider who Jesus is. Write this down: no greater beauty can be found at any point or any place in God’s story than the times when God’s people manifest this gospel brokenness—for that is where God’s glory is revealed most clearly.” Scotty Smith, Restoring Broken Things

Hope this quote penetrates the crevices of your heart as it did is doing to mine. I am so quick to cover up my weakness and promote my strengths and yet the Gospel calls me to expose my heart and take the risk and courage to be authentic and transparent in my relationships with others and with God.

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